August 2017 Dividend Ace Portfolio Activity

This month was one of the quietest in terms of dividends received, however was quite volatile in terms of price appreciation/depreciation.  GE and F have seen some downward pressure, which has increased yield, but is such a double-edged sword.  September should produce more dividend activity! 

Dividends Received:
AES - $0.12 per share - level QOQ
OHI - $0.64 per share, raised from $0.63 the previous quarter.  This represents a 1.6% dividend growth QOQ.  A small increase, however, onwards and upwards is the right direction!
O - $0.2115 per share - This is the second month at that per-share rate.  Since it pays per month, the company has announced that it will remain the same in September.  Per the trend in recent years, it is reasonable to expect a raise of $0.005 or more in October.

Positions Added / Strengthened:

The position in HMY was added to (more than doubled) in August.  This was a small position that I started several years back, and while the price rose last year, it came bac…

July 2017 Dividend Ace Portfolio Activity

July 2017 Dividend Ace portfolio activity:

Dividends Received:

GE- $0.24 per share
GSK - $0.4914 per share, raised from $0.4854 the previous quarter.  Hardly an increase, but 1.2% in the right direction - We'll take it!
MDT- $0.46 per share, raised from $0.43 the previous quarter, a 7.0% increase
O - $0.21 per share
HST - $0.20 per share.  This is the first dividend from HST the portfolio has benefited from

Positions Added / Strengthened:

The position in GE was strengthened in July by 75% of the previous position size.  This is somewhat of a controversial trade, as investors typically either love or hate GE.  I was not around for all of the Immelt years, so I do not have the bitterness of what many saw was more than a decade of stagnation in share price.  What I have seen during my time as a shareholder is Immelt turning the company into a streamlined workhorse.  I do believe that the sentiment holding it back will begn to erode, beginning with the new CEO and in the future the p…

June 2017 Dividend Ace Portfolio Activity

June 2017 Dividend Ace portfolio activity:

Dividends Received:

NOK - $0.19 per share lower from $0.29 per share in the prior year.  While the dividend is lower, the company is righting itself and paving its way to higher profitability.
CSX - $0.20 per share raised from $0.18 the previous quarter.
PEP - $0.81 per share raised from $0.75 the previous quarter.
O - $0.21 per share

Positions Added / Strengthened:

A new position was initiated in Host Hotels and Resorts (HST) in the DA IRA.  Host is a hospitality REIT that has exposure to luxury hotel properties and international resorts.  The company boasts a streamlined portfolio and

The position in Harmony Gold Mine (HMY) was tripled in June.  HMY is a South African mining stock that has seen its price erode due to lagging gold prices.  HMY is a small miner but has a very competitive AISC which allows it to quickly increase profitability when gold prices rise.  HMY is seen as a defensive stock.

Positions Sold / Decreased:


Tech-Giant Nokia Pays Yearly Dividend

Nokia pays its annual dividend on June 14, 2017.

May 2017 Dividend Ace Portfolio Activity

Dividends received and reinvested in May 2017:

AES Corporation (AES)
May 15, 2017
$0.12/share, quarterly
4.17% yield (forward, annualized)
Account: Brokerage
Dividend Ace Rating: HOLD

Realty Income (O)
May 15, 2017
$0.21/share, monthly
4.54% yield (forward, annualized)
Account: IRA
Dividend Ace Rating: BUY

Dividends expected in upcoming month -  June 2017

CSX Railroad (CSX)
Dunkin Brands (DNKN)
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Nokia (NOK)
Realty Income Corp (O)

AES Corporation Dividend Analysis

Discussion of the dividend paid by AES Corporation on May 15, 2017.

Dividend Ace Portfolio Update - June 3, 2017

Below is a breakdown of the Dividend Ace Portfolio.

Several material changes were made this month, as outlined here:  A position in Ford Motor Company was added in the month of April.  Ford had retreated from highs before the position was taken.  It is beleived that doubts regarding the business model and sales potential are an overreaction.  Full-year data regarding new car sales came in light which spooked investors.  During this period, Ford continued to trade at very attractive multiples.  Fear that electric car companies such as Tesla will cannibalize Ford's customer base are beleived to be unfounded as demand remains strong for traditional gasoline powered vehicles.  May new car sales data came in stronger than estimates which helps to reassure investors that Ford's high-margin products are still in high demand.  With exception to special dividends, Ford has been increasing dividends consistently for 10 years.  Ford currently trades at a 5.29% dividend yield which is hig…